Dated Released : 19 August 2010
Quality : DVDRip
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Runtime : USA: 93 min
Starring : Chace Crawford, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin
Genre : Drama | Thriller
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The film opens during Spring Break on the Upper East Side. White Mike (Chace Crawford), once a wealthy, carefree teenager, now struggles to scrape out a living as a pot dealer, dealing to his former classmates. His mother passed away from cancer a year prior to the events of the film, her treatment having completely consumed his family's wealth, and left a deep emotional trauma on Mike. Mike's good friend, Molly Norton (Emma Roberts), a sweet girl from the poorer side of town, doesn't know he is a drug dealer. Mike's supplier, Lionel (Curtis Jackson), also deals the addictive cocktail "Twelve" to Mike's cousin, Charlie (Jeremy Allen White). Charlie attempts to mug Lionel one night, as he is unable to pay for the drug. Lionel turns the gun on Charlie, shooting him in the head, before shooting Nana (Jermaine Crawford), an innocent observer, returning home after a basketball game at the Harlem Recreation Center. Mike and Charlie's good friend, Hunter (Phillip Ettinger) (another resident of the wealthy Upper East Side, set on attending Harvard), who had played basketball with - and got in a fight with - Nana earlier that evening, is taken into custody for the murders. He visits Harlem regularly because he detests the high society of his classmates.

Several of the other young residents of the wealthy Manhattan scene are introduced at a party as customers of White Mike, including Tobias (Nico Tortorella), a male model, and several others, all of whom know the attractive and popular Sara Ludlow. The party is held at the home of Chris Kenton (Rory Culkin), a hopeless nerd, but the host of the party, which he threw in order to boost his popularity. At the party, Sara's friend Jessica Brayson (Emily Meade) tries Twelve for the first time, leading to an addiction over the course of the film. During the party, Chris's older brother, Claude (Billy Magnussen) - a sociopath and weapon collector, returns home after breaking out of rehab. Sara's birthday is coming up just before the end of spring break, and she easily manipulates Chris into throwing a huge birthday bash for her, hinting that she will compensate him with sex - which she has no intention of. She and her friends spend the next few days inviting everyone they know in order to make Sara's birthday "famous."


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